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Here is a list of podcast you can catch me as a guest on!Fuck Wellness
April 20, 2022
The American dream is a Nightmare with Anna Przy
Hunting for Purpose
April 26, 2022
Breaking out of the Hustle with guest Anna Przy
The Grown Ass Woman's Guide
May 6, 2022
It's Called Manifesting, Look it up
Finding Direction
July 28, 2022
Take Inventory On Your Life: Action After Anna Przybylski
Hope to Recharge
August 4, 2022
It's Called Manifesting... Look it up
The Authenticity Experiment
August 4, 2022
Anna P, Behind the Bathrobe
Spill the TEA
August 15, 2022
Guest-tea / best-tea | Anna Przy, Video & Content Creator, says- "Keep it Up Cutie!"
August 16, 2022
"It's Called Manifesting, Look It Up!
Ambivalent Bitches
August 25, 2022
Anna Przy on Becoming a Content Creator, Recovering From Burnout, + Demystifying Mental...
Looks Like Work
November 7, 2022
Manifesting authenticity - with Anna Przybylski
Finding Rainbows on an Ordinary Day
November 8, 2022
"It's called Manifesting, look it up!" Interview with Mental Health Advocate, Anna Przy
Currently Unwell
December 13, 2022
Anna Przy on manifesting, eating disorders, and being an “elder millennial”
Recorded and Coming Soon:So What's That Job Like?Being Human Podcast

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AHHH I am so so excited to announce I'll be hosting a trip for all my besties to manifest, relax, rest, regroup, rejuvenate, re-WHATEVER IT IS WE NEED! We're going to Costa Rica October 10th-16th!To see the itinerary and book a spot click HEREI can't wait to meet y'all in person.